Step 1 – Download the application

Download link ->

Or play store ->


iPhone users have to trust the app under General Settings —> Device Management.

Step 2 – Start the application

Create Account

Step 3

Referral Code: 0505715893

Step 4

Enter the login pin (minimum 6 digits) and then set the pin code for the transaction (minimum 6 digits). Remember about security and do not set a password like 123456, etc. Remember your passwords.

Step 5

Rewrite or take a screenshot of words. Keep it in a safe place and do not show it to anyone. This will allow you to recover your wallet if you lose your password.

Step 6

Rewrite the words in the right order and move on

Step 7

You will see your login details. Save them in a safe place. Remember about the security of your funds, then log in to the wallet

Step 8 

Choose the right cryptocurrency and make a deposit on your wallet. Once the funds are posted, they will appear on your wallet

Step 9

Download the google authenticator application and create the Enter code to be able to recover access to the google authenticator if your phone is lost

Step 10

To start Jarvis AI bot and start earning, go to the Project

Step 11

Choose Jarvis AI and accept the information

Step 12

Select the appropriate cryptocurrency that you want to send to Arbitration

Step 13

Upload the amount you have selected and click Proceed Important!

You must have the English language currently selected on your phone for the payment to be made. Go to your phone’s options and change the language. When the funds go to Jarvis AI after 24-48H expect the first accruals and the next day after day.