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Ihub Global opinions - how to get an excavator for free and start making money on the project?

Ihub Global allows you to receive a free Helium excavator (HNT) of currency, which currently costs around $ 15 and can be found on the largest exchange in the world, Binance

Helium wykres

Ihub Global – How much can we earn on it? 

Thanks to the Helium excavator, we can extract even around 100 HNT per month, which at the current price is around $ 1,500 . In order to obtain such large amounts of Helium, you should have a well-developed network of devices in your area . Either you can do it yourself or others will do it for you. Due to the fact that Ihub Global allows you to recommend and earn money on it, sooner or later someone will recommend people in your area. So be the first and book your device first. 

Below is a small example of how much one device a month can mine. After registration, you can go to the Helium map around the world and check how much each device earns. The larger the network in the area, the higher the earnings. Either YOU build a bigger network around you, or someone else will. 

In the example, earnings over $ 1,100 per month in the Warsaw area on one device. 

Helium zarobek

You can check everything yourself on the map

Helium mapa

To learn about earning opportunities at Ihub Global, see the material below. From it you will learn about the earning potential both when you order the device yourself and when you want to help others and recommend them further. In short, for a recommended person you will receive about 20% of what his device will dig. It’s easy to make a large scale this way. Only invite 5 people and you already have 100% mining for one device. And you can invite as many people as you want. Detailed marketing plan available in our group during training sessions.

Join the Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/318201566664974

Ihub Global registration step by step

To register with Ihub Global, go to the special link – https://dodatkowyzarobek.ihub.partners

Then create an account 

The next step is to order a free HotSpot. The company gives it to us for free, but there may be fees such as VAT. It is country dependent, not company dependent. Similarly, VAT should have been charged for shipments from Alliexpress in the past, and you know how it was. 

helium hotspot

You can easily translate the page. And in the Video you will learn step by step how to easily book a HotSpot to your address.

In case of difficulties, please contact me – https://www.facebook.com/mariusz.kuzma.906

The device uses 5W of power (that’s as much as a tiny light bulb) and needs a Wi-Fi connection. The cost of electricity is a few zlotys or less per month. The device does not load the Wi-Fi network almost at all. 

Time matters, because the optimal distance between the device and the device is at least 300 m. Reserve your device earlier than others and have an optimal position. 


koparka helium

Ihub Global Questions and Answers

Yes, the company used such a system to cover a large part of the world with devices as soon as possible. Investors buy devices and make them available to us. We have them for free, we get% profit so we have them for free. 

Here’s a great video to show you what Helium is?
Hotspot is safe and will not spy on you or collect your data. Hotspots cannot, nor will they ever, be able to access any other devices on the network.
For those of you who want more security and certainty. If you have a router that can isolate, check out this article on how to make sure your devices can’t see each other on your network.
Another option is to have a separate router just for the IOT network that other devices don’t use.

It depends on many factors. You can check the map of the whole world with Helium devices and see how much each individual earns. Devices copy best when there are other devices in their vicinity of 300-1000 m. Then they can even dig around 100 HNT per month, which is $ 15,000 at the current rate. It is important to build a network of several hotspots around you. Then our earnings increase significantly. If you don’t do it yourself, someone else will. But think about recommending, thanks to this you will earn 20% extra from each device recommended + from the marketing plan. 

The company shares Helium mining with us 

25% – is for us to own the device

20% is for the person who recommended the hotspot to someone

20% is for a marketing plan for referrals

10% is for investors who pay for the device. It already costs over $ 500

10% for Ihub Global partners

15% is for Ihub Global

The company gives them to you for free. However, if you want to buy them yourself, you have to count on a price of over $ 500 and a very long waiting time. 

The interest is very high, which you can check yourself on the Helium map. Book your HotSpot as soon as possible if the project is for you, because you will be waiting for the device for over a month or longer. Use this time to build networks around you and around the world. 

Ihub Global where can I find a link to a free Helium excavator?

Follow the link and register for free, then order a free excavator https://dodatkowyzarobek.ihub.partners

How much can you earn by mining Helium?

After registering in your panel, you can go to the Helium map. There you will see how many excavators that are physically in place all over the world are already digging. The excavator can dig up to around 100 HNT, which is currently around $ 1,500 per month. In order for the excavator to dig more, it must have more HotSpots nearby. Additionally, you will earn from marketing if you share information about the company.

Is the device free?

Yes, the company gives us the device for free. We will be waiting for them for over a month, so reserve your device as soon as possible. Possible costs can only be collected by a given country, such as, for example, Customs Duty, which for electronics from the United States may be 0%