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Mariusz Kuźma i Patrycja Pieniążek

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My name is Mariusz Kuzma and I run a blog “extra earnings” to introduce others to the possibility of building your own earnings online. We are so lucky that we live at the very beginning of the digital age , using it wisely we can build our own earnings much easier. 

Earning online does not interfere with other work, everyone can take up their free time. At the beginning you can only earn some extra money from your main source of income, and later online earning can become your main source of income. Earning online is for everyone but not everyone is able to do it.

To start making money online at the beginning you need a decision, at this stage many people fall away. I think that this is partly due to education in Poland, which only trains full-time employees. 

However, if you make a decision you can easily join the group of people earning online. Here you will find many people earning amounts well above the national average. Why is that possible?

In online marketing there are no limits on earning, nothing prevents you from building over time also such earnings.

You will need a person who will help you step by step to implement the earning system, the right company , the right group and willingness to train to gain more and more income. 

As I mentioned before, there are no limits here, join people earning online and see for yourself. 

You don’t pay for any training. Why?

The better you earn, the better I earn, that’s why you always have support from me.


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“Never rely on single income. Invest in yourself with the intention of creating a second source, then a third, then a fourth. “

Warren E. Buffett on Earning.

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How to start step by step


1. Decision

The first and most important step. You have to decide for yourself if you want to earn money online with me in projects in which I work

2. The right person

If you want to start earning online, verify who you cooperate with. If you do not receive support in a given project, you can opt out quickly. Expect support and help

3. The right company

Verify the company you want to work with. On the market you will find thousands of online companies where you can earn. Always verify with good sources and people with appropriate knowledge.

4. Appropriate system

By using the right system for yourself you will gain more. That's why you have my support and that of the whole group.


5. Training, knowledge

You will receive support and training, online meetings, webinars, materials, presentations. The greater the knowledge, the greater the possibilities

6. Operation

Appropriate action and consistency are the path to success. Act, train, earn more and more.

7. Results

And now it's time for the best results. To achieve high earnings in some projects, all you need is your own investment. You don't have to recommend, build your own group

8. Better results

Build a group, help others make money. The better your group earns, the better you can earn. The possibilities are almost unlimited.