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YourFitWay description of the project where I start to earn.

YourFitWay - Project presentation

Step by step registration instructions

Write to me. I will invite you to a live presentation of the project. I will lead the YourFitWay project step by step and you will join the largest group.

Subscribe to the mailing list and you will receive a 50% discount code for the application and step-by-step help in the project. You will receive an invitation to our private meetings and project presentations

In short, it is a game in which we win health and money. If you want to learn how to earn money from walking, come to our meeting by signing up for the list. YourFitWay company comes out with a revolutionary product.

We conduct online presentations several times a week.

You can also start earning money with the company. The company has been established for 3 years and since 5.05.2020 the registration for partners has started. You have a chance to join the project as one of the first people in the world.


YourFitWay Community

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You decide how much you want to earn monthly at YourFitWay

Mainly those responsible for creating Yourfitway

Daniel Kubach CEO

Daniel Kubach CEO

President of the company. He has been associated with business for 21 years. He has built many marketing companies that still exist today. The most known EUCO company valued on the stock exchange even at $ 90,000,000. He participated in the Dragons den program as an investor. Creator of 4 books. 

Linkedin profile https://pl.linkedin.com/in/daniel-kubach-emba-67a67a25

Daniel Konieczny CMO

Daniel Konieczny CBDO

In the company, he is responsible for the development and training of business partners (i.e. us). One of the best mental trainers in Europe. He taught, among others, the former Irish prime minister or UK billionaire. Bob Proctor’s exclusive partner 

In short, how do we earn money here?

In the first stage of the project (the application will never be completed, more amenities will be added for people who want to improve health, fitness and finances) we earn on walking. The app counts our steps, the steps are changed into crates, the crates give us points, and the points are exchanged for money or discount coupons. The company earmarks 10% of all earnings for walkers. So they earn you everything they walk like and those who show opportunities to others. To understand the project well, I invite you to our online meetings and to a private group. 

Earning from referral

The company gives us 75% of earnings, including as much as 25% for direct referrals, not only once and for all . Thanks to this, we can build very nice earnings well above $ 1000 per month. It all depends on your commitment. We teach everyone from scratch, you don’t need to have experience. Daily training and step by step tactics.

Fundamentals of financing

Distribution of earnings in the company:

75% – Partners (i.e. us)

25% – Company

Money in the company comes from:

  • Subscription for the application 
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertising for external brands

If you are interested in increasing your finances, if you want to show others an application that pays for walking, if you want to improve your fitness and health this project is for you

Step by step instructions for registering with YourFitWay

Basic questions and answers

In addition to $, health and fitness you have the opportunity to win awards. Both as a user and as a business partner

YourFitWay organizes walking contests where we can win, for example, sports T-shirts once a day or shoes once a week.

YourFitWay nagrody

Every week each user can additionally participate in the distribution of the $ walking bonus pool. It is enough to walk actively. So you care about your health + fitness and you can earn extra money. The first bonus pool on 13.08.2020. The next ones will be implemented every week on Thursday. So we earn money from walking every week.

Awards are also provided for business partners. My goal is Tesla S. Additionally, at this level we have a minimum wage of $1,700 per week. We receive Tesla S in the form of Leasing, where all the money is paid by Your Fit Way. There are many more awards. We also have Tesla 3 and X, macbooks and tours to win.

YourFitWay Tesla

Yes. Everyone used to start in every profession. We train everyone online step by step. 

Yes. The company allocates 10% of its earnings to walking people. However, recommending you earn more. 

Yes. The company allocates 10% of its earnings to walking people. However, recommending you earn more. 

The border is just your imagination. You can earn $ 100 a month, you can $ 1000 and you can $ 100,000 and more. It all depends on your work and commitment.


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+44 7828 209555 (08:00 am – 04:00 pm GMT + 2)